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What to

You now own your own business lending platform, congratulations!
The first thing we should be clear on, is this: YOU are the only driver and business owner, and Credito™ is here to support you, not to run your business.
We can guide you on what to do and not to do, but this is only our opinion, now it’s the time to put your creativity to work as an entrepreneur. 
We provide you with a comprehensive infrastructure of tools and resources to start your business on a sprint. Now, you need to go through all these videos and readings to have a deeper understanding of the industry and your available resources.

Do not expect to start making tens of thousands of dollars the first couple of months unless you already have a customer base or a budget for advertising. Most partners don’t see significant results for the first 3 months.

Here are some tips for success from a highly successful broker Gavin Bird working in different markets from one continent to another and the comfort of his home.

How to setup all your

You will receive the “Congratulations” email with logins from our CEO Ivan Gonzalez. We encourage you to go through each one of the logins before you contact us, most of the tools are intuitive. This is a simple one, go to the live chat partner-program and we will set you up straight away. If you are not very savvy with tech, we can do it, please allow our Support Team to access your platforms.

We can help with:

Business email set up
LeadsFlow360 account set up
LeadsFlux account set up
Lender’s Panel Dashboard tutorial
Any other question


You now have Agency Licence for life with leadsflow360 to generate leads from FB. This tool scraps data from Facebook Pages by suburb and industry.

You will find video tutorials on how to use it in this link, please login first:

If you have problems setting up, please go to our live chat

You now have logins and access to this lead generation app. Unfortunately we can only offer one month trial on this LinkedIn lead generation tool. We encourage you test it for a month
The first thing you need to do to in your Leadsflux account is configure your smtp so you can send email campaigns. You can find the instructions here:
If you have problems setting up, please go to our live chat


Your business emails are now set with

  Logins have been provided on the “Congratulations” email.
  If you have problems setting up, please go to our live chat

How To Leads

Google Ads

If you are planning a campaign on Google, we recommend you explore what other lenders are doing, you can always get keywords from there. Check Google ads run by MaxFunding, GetCapital, Lend, Amfin, Bizcap, OnDeck… and see what keywords are using, then try to use similar ones.

Facebook Ads

Go to Facebook Ads Library and type the same lenders mentioned above to analyse what type of ads they are running. Then you can try something similar. If it works for them, it could work for you.

Outbrain Ads

Try Native ads too, cheap and simple set up. 

Outbrain Amplify Dashboard Walkthrough

Cold Emails

This is a whole science. The more personalised and simple is your copy, the better. We recommend you watch some YouTube videos on how to get the best opening rate. We use (INTRO VIDEO: to send cold emails extracted from and If you have any questions how to set up these accounts, please go to our chat live support on site.

Build Your Own Partners

The most profitable and sustainable way of growing your business is by building relationships with business broker agencies, machinery and equipment dealerships, accountants, solicitors, and many other B2B professionals. They could feed you leads on a regular basis and the leads are usually already pre assessed and qualified.

Buying Leads

You can buy leads from us. We use third party professionals and buy in bulk passing the discount to you. You can buy a minimum of 30 leads:
1.- Business loans leads (equipment, new business, unsecured, anything) @ $50+GST
2.- Business loans leads (Secured equipment and machinery loans only) @ $60+GST
These lead go straight to your dashboard for lenders to contact.

TIP: 💡

Because of COVID lenders at the moment need a minimum criteria: 12 months in business and $10,000 monthly gross income. Make sure you mention those 2 things in your ads, it will weed out lots of unfundable leads. Therefor, try to focus on equipment and machinery (secured loans) finance over the next few months.
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